CryptoTown MMOG


CryptoTown is a massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) built on top of the Blockchain.
Once you own something in this game, you own it forever.
The Blockchain serves a permanent store of value and ownership for in-game items.

Trade estates, clothes and other items though the game's own currency CTT.
Mine CTT to secure the network or go in-game treasure hunting for rewards.

Buy a property. Build a house. Decorate your house. Invite you friends over.
Build roads to help the community or explore the game-world.
Define your identity. Become trustworthy and respectable.
Become part of the in-game government and decide about the game's future.

Bring your real-world websites and shops into the game.
Become an estate-mogul by buying and selling properties.
Design your own virtual clothes and digital items and
use the Blockchain to protect them against forgery.
But most importantly: Have fun!

Current development roadmap:


The game's frontend is completely browser-based and streamlined for mass adaption.
About 40% of the game's planned features have been implemented and tested.
Release is planned in the second half of 2018.
The miner will be released earlier.

Some early development impressions.

Main interface.
Buildings, roads and ownership are stored on the Blockchain. Virtual character is placed on the map.


Endless procedural terrain
Endless procedural terrain


Early prototype for interior design
Early prototype for interior design